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Creating work with personal meaning

We are launching a new employABILITY resource featuring Australian contemporary artist Shaun Gladwell. Shaun’s career story is a great resource for students to understand how to be open to change and how to be true to themselves in their work.

I plan to combine the new career story with a 10-minute activity called ‘Finding your Mission’ ( ). This is a great inclusion at the start of a compulsory unit as it helps students to understand the potential relevance of that unit to their future lives and careers.

I will also align Shaun’s carer story with a terrific quiz that helps students to conceptualise their careers (

‘Objective facets’ of career including:
(1) the time spent on different activities; and
(2) income generated from these activities (recognising that these may be different);

‘Subjective facets’ including:
(3) how a person identifies themselves (how they see themselves), and
(4) their vision for the future.



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