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The new graduate capability: how to think for a living (employability redefined)

A new essay was shared this week in Campus Morning Mail from Developing EmployABILITY lead, Professor Dawn Bennett. The essay is titled ‘The new graduate capability: how to think for a living (employability redefined)‘. The essay forms part of Commissioning Editor Sally Kift’s series on what we need now in teaching and learning. You can find the article here.

Calling all STEM educators – we need your help!

Developing EmployABILITY are currently leading a project to understand and better support STEM students’ thinking about their studies and their future work and we need your help! Engagement involves students completing an online tool with which they create a personalised employABILITY profile containing over 50 developmental resources. If whole cohorts are engaged, we will provide a cohort report to unpack with students. Ethical consents are in place and the team hopes to engage at least 10,000 STEM students in 2019. You might like to look at the student website, over 80 resources on the educator site, and a sample of the profile report created by students when they complete the tool. The initiative on which the study is based is known as EmployABILITY thinking. This is a metacognitive app...

National HERDSA roadshow

In April and May, Dawn partnered with HERDSA to present a roadshow of employABILITY thinking workshops. Colleagues in Hong Kong and around Australia engaged in the two-hour workshops and one-hour drop-in sessions. Participants experienced employABILITY thinking for themselves, trialled some of the resources, learned about the theoretical and policy drivers, and then mapped unit (course) outlines to identify employABILITY thinking touchpoints. Combined, the workshops engaged some xxx academic and professional staff. Dawn also provided workshops for student cohorts who had already created employABILITY profiles. The workshops gave students opportunities to consider their cohort-wide responses and created an additional professional learning experience for faculty.

Free EmployABILITY thinking workshops across Australia

Thanks to HERDSA, next month we present free employABILITY workshops and drop-in sessions around Australia. For more information and registration details, please visit: …  

Expert in residence: Engaging alumni for student employability

As part of the Fellowship, we are releasing a series of expert guides on various topics from expert members of our project team. The first expert guide is from Professor Jessica Vanderlelie (La Trobe University), who writes about Engaging alumni for student employability. You can view the expert guide here. Please be part of the conversation and share your experience on the topic. For each expert guide we host a forum on LinkedIn moderated by our expert in residence. You can have your say here! JOIN THE CONVERSATION

Developing EmployABILITY selected for the Curtin Accelerate program

Developing EmployABILITY has been selected for this year’s Curtin Accelerate program. Over a ten-week period, our team will work with Accelerate mentors to improve and grow the Student Starter Kit. The Curtin Accelerate program provides industry contacts, one-to-one and group mentoring sessions, and help to bring ideas closer to commercialisation. Our aim is that by commercialising employABILITY for the school and executive market, we can ensure free access for all higher education students for many years to come. Keep an eye on Twitter to stay up-to-date with Accelerate events over the coming months.

Best paper at AAEE conference

Developing EmployABILITY Project leader Dawn Bennett was recently awarded best paper at the 2017 AAEE conference. Dawn’s paper was titled Metacognition as a graduate attribute: Developing engineering employability with self and career literacy and can be viewed here.  

Is it worth learning this?

Our new resource tackles how to establish relevance with students. We also celebrate engineering education with a special engineering resource, the 1st of the toolkit for 2018. This resource is designed to help students recognise the relevance of a unit (course) of study to their future lives and work. For this reason, it is a really useful inclusion in non-technicist and foundation units. If you are a member of the Developing Employability community, you can access the resource here. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so for free here to access all of our resources and join in the conversation.   

Featured resource: What does it take to be great?

What does it take to be a great actor, geologist, academic, or chemist? This educator resource incorporates a 10-minute brainstorming exercise, some research on ‘discipline role models’, and a self-assessment/reflection. The brainstorming exercise is a 10-minute activity to use in class with students in groups. We have included an example of a self-assessment exercise for music students. You can adapt this for your discipline! The self-assessment enables students to apply what they have learned to their own planning and professional identities. If you are keen to have a few small activities across a semester, try linking this resource with ‘Finding Your Mission’ and ‘Plotting Your Preferences’. The latter can be used to help build effective teams and as a self-reflection for strengths and ...

New Career Story added to the Student Starter Kit!

This new career story features a musician who has been part of the music industry for a long time working in many different contexts. The account is a great resource for students understanding the importance of exploring different roles within the area they are passionate about. You can view the resource over at our student site here.

New resource set | creating strong networks and micro communities

EmployABILITY just published a new resource! This one is an educator resource set, which helps students to create strong networks and micro-communities. The resource set is based on the career story of WA-based paperclay expert Graham Hay.

Creating work with personal meaning

We are launching a new employABILITY resource featuring Australian contemporary artist Shaun Gladwell. Shaun’s career story is a great resource for students to understand how to be open to change and how to be true to themselves in their work. I plan to combine the new career story with a 10-minute activity called ‘Finding your Mission’ ( ). This is a great inclusion at the start of a compulsory unit as it helps students to understand the potential relevance of that unit to their future lives and careers. I will also align Shaun’s carer story with a terrific quiz that helps students to conceptualise their careers ( ‘Objective...

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