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Whose responsibility is it to develop student employability?

No doubt we would argue that developing employability is everyone’s responsibility! To me, employability is metacognition: understanding why we think what we think. Last month, Dawn was lucky enough to give a lecture at the University of the Arts in Helsinki. If you’re interested in how we might approach employability and careers in the Arts without crushing students’ dreams, ple...

How employable do your students think they are?

This month, my focus has been students’ own beliefs about their strengths, capacities and employability. I have been using the online tool to prompt their thinking about this, and the results are fascinating. I am starting to see trends in the thinking of both first and final year students, but I need your help! Would you be prepared to engage your students? It takes them 15-20 minutes to cr...

ISPS Conference poster

In Iceland, Dawn presented on the fellowship. She also presented a conference poster from her performance-based research. You can view the conference poster here

Developing Employability in Melbourne

In August, Dawn travelled to visit project partners and colleagues in Melbourne. Whilst there, she gave a presentation to the Australian Council of Deans of Information and Communications Technology on the future of work and the implications for employability development in ICT. The Deans were very receptive and plan to conduct some multi-disciplinary research using the student self-assessment too...

Students assess their self and career literacy

The self and career literacy measure is now ready for students to use online. Each participant receives an individual summary report and a feedback guide with which to create their personalised profile chart; academics receive aggregated data. If your whole cohort completes the tool, I will come and workshop the findings! Please be in touch for more information.

Welcome to the Developing Employability website!

Welcome to the new website and community. Pip and I have been working since January to migrate everything from the old TILE site to one that has far more functionality. Over the coming weeks we will add more tools and resources and more readings. Please send out details of the site to your network – we really want to build the network over coming weeks. The new model positions employability as sel...

Visits to South Australia and Europe

April included a workshop titled From theory to practice: Equipping and enabling Australia’s educators to embed employability across higher education for South Australian colleagues. The workshop and a day of meetings was hosted by Flinders University in Adelaide and attracted academic and professional colleagues from UniSA, Flinders and Adelaide University. Also in April, I travelled to Salzburg ...

World summit of the International Federation for national Teaching Fellows

In February, Dawn Bennett attended and presented her work at the 1st world summit of the International Federation for national Teaching Fellows ( in Birmingham, England.

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