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Featured resource: Design your future

  This week’s featured resource, Design your future, uses drawing to help students expose underlying assumptions and predispositions about their future life and work. Design your future, developed by Dawn Bennett (Curtin University) and Sally Male (University of Western Australia), also helps students to determine the relevance of a unit (course) of study to their future lives and work. For this reason, it is a really useful inclusion in foundational, communication or careers units. Design your future is most effective if students have first created a personalised employability profile as part of the 10-step EmployABILITY Thinking process. All members of the Developing EmployABILITY community have access to the new resource and associated research. To become a member, visit the site. ...

Featured resource: Career action plan

This week’s featured resource is ‘Career action plan’. Most people have more than one career, and for this reason, personal values are important drivers of career decision making. This resource includes individual and group reflections on values, ‘ideal’ careers and planning ahead. If you’re a member of the Developing Employability community, you can access ‘Career action plan’ here. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so for free here to access all of our resources and join the conversation.   

Developing EmployABILITY selected for the Curtin Accelerate program

Developing EmployABILITY has been selected for this year’s Curtin Accelerate program. Over a ten-week period, our team will work with Accelerate mentors to improve and grow the Student Starter Kit. The Curtin Accelerate program provides industry contacts, one-to-one and group mentoring sessions, and help to bring ideas closer to commercialisation. Our aim is that by commercialising employABILITY for the school and executive market, we can ensure free access for all higher education students for many years to come. Keep an eye on Twitter to stay up-to-date with Accelerate events over the coming months.

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