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      Sandra Jones
      Jo-Anne Chuck
      Janice Orrell
      Darrall Thompson

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      Re-imagining future practice of Employability: Universities as Living Learning Laboratories for the future
      Living – engaging students in current, complex (wicked) problems
      Aim of university is to engage students in learning to develop wisdom
      Purpose of university is to encourage students to wonder
      Process of learning is to enable students to wander down knowledge paths

      Learning – enable students to build on current knowledge to build a better future
      Repurpose – recognise past good practice
      Reuse – reflect on future needs
      Recycle – remake future of employment opportunities

      Laboratory – safe environment to take risks
      Experiment – establish partnerships to break boundaries and silos
      Mutual participation – inside – out university brings outside in (PbL)
      Outcome – wellbeing of people and planet

      Notes from BlueSky thinking on Employability at HERDSA2017
      Sjones; jchuck; jorrell; jruskin; dgthompson.

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      Sorry we also had Jennifer Ruskin and … Jim Cloutman for a while

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