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Developing employABILITY as metacognition opportunities for learning, teaching and research

Dawn Bennett, John Curtin Distinguished Professor of Higher Education and Director of the Creative Workforce Initiative at Curtin University, talks about her Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) Senior National Teaching Fellowship ‘Developing employABILITY as metacognition: Opportunities for learning, teaching and research’. The Fellowship positioned employability development as the cognitive and social development of students as capable and informed individuals, professionals and social citizens. This thinking informed the development of a validated, socio-cognitive measure of employability with six, inter-related Literacies for Life (L4L), aligning employABILITY development with both the purpose of higher education and the future of work. This session offers the resources and strategies with which to embed employABILITY within existing programs and courses.

The resources are most useful to students and educators if students have first created a personalised employability profile as part of the 6-step Developing EmployABILITY process.


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