graduate outcomes

Resource set: Building a career with creativity and resilience

This resource set draws on the career story of acclaimed author Liz Byrski. The tool illustrates that many successful career paths are far from linear. It includes a career visioning tool, a career story and a snapshot of the work of writing graduates.

Career story: Adapting to change

In this career story, computer science graduate Lucy explains the importance of communication skills and shares how becoming a lifelong learner has helped her to remain employable. The tool includes a skills audit informed by Lucy’s story.

Career story: Finding a career path after general degree

This career story features Kristy, who completed her degree in Arabic. Kristy describes the many jobs she has tried in order to find something that is a ‘good fit’ for her. The tool includes two questions for guided reflections.

Career story: Developing your personal brand

This career story comes from music graduate and orchestral manager Sue, who emphasises the need to find a 'niche' or personal brand on which to build a career in music.

Industry snapshot: Writing

This resource brings together graduate destinations  from Communication and Media Studies degrees. It includes employment outcomes, the broader employment context, nine discussion points, and links to further resources. Data were derived from raw Australian graduate destinations data in 2013.

Industry snapshot: Performing arts

This resource provides a snapshot of graduate destinations from the performing arts. The tool shows a breakdown of full-time, part time and portfolio work; discusses the broad creative industries context; and provides a list of discussion topics for use with students. Data were derived from the raw Australian graduate destinations

Industry snapshot: Biological Sciences

This resource provides a snapshot of graduate destinations from the  biological sciences. The text encourages discussion about the broader employment context and the prevalence of graduate study. Data were derived from the raw Australian graduate destinations survey data in 2013.

Industry snapshot: Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

This resource features a simple overview of the graduate destinations data from 4,957 ICT graduates. The information is designed to promote discussion about further study and career paths. The resource includes links to multiple sources of information.

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