Writing a cover letter

This resource focuses on writing a cover letter. It begins by challenging students to scrutinise graduate opportunities, to reflect on their own skills and attributes and then to consider the World Economic Forum’s ‘10 top skills for 2020’.

Expert guide: Engaging alumni for student employability

Professor Jess Vanderlelie This expert guide is from Professor Jess Vanderlelie. Jess outlines how to engage alumni for student employability including top tips and things to avoid.

Featured resource: Career action plan

This week’s featured resource is ‘Career action plan’. Most people have more than one career, and for this reason, personal values are important drivers of career decision making. This resource includes individual and group reflections on values, ‘ideal’ careers and planning ahead. If you’re a member of the Developing Employability community, you can access ‘Career action plan’ here. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so for free here to access all of our resources and join the conversation.   

What is employability?

This is a ten-minute tool that challenges students to rethink about the term employability. It uses dictionary definitions to establish that employability is a compound word made up of ‘employ’ and ‘ability’.

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