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Featured resource: Career story – Using opportunities to grow

This week’s career story, ‘Using opportunities to grow, features a musician who has been part of the music industry for a long time, working in many different contexts. The account is a great resource for helping students to explore different roles within the areas they are passionate about. The resource includes sample questions on how and why to learn from biographies and career stories.
Using opportunities to grow‘ is most effective if students have first created a personalised employABILITY profile as part of the 6-step Developing EmployABILITY process.
EmployABILITY thinking resources are free to all members of the Developing EmployABILITY community. To become a member on our educator website, register here. To learn more about EmployABILITY thinking, join the conversation at our Community of Practice on LinkedIn.

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