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Call for interview/survey participants: NCSEHE 2019 Research Fellowship

NCSEHE 2019 Research Fellow Professor Sarah O’Shea is seeking contributions from practitioners and researchers working in the areas of careers, equity and outreach, or those who are interested in graduate employability.

Participants can choose to complete a survey or interview as an element of the Fellowship project: ‘Mind the Gap!’ Exploring the post-graduation outcomes and employment mobility of individuals who are first in their family to complete a university degree.

Please see the invitation from Sarah Below.

This is an invitation to participate in research to address a gap in understanding of how equity students, particularly those who are the first in their family to attend university (FiF), experience entering employment after graduation, in increasingly competitive and shrinking employment fields. The project will deeply explore best practice from the perspectives of key stakeholders in the higher education sector and graduate employment. 

If you wish to participate please complete the online anonymous survey that can be accessedat 

The survey should take no longer than 20-30 minutes, and simply asks about your experience with equity students and their post-graduation employment experiences and needs.

Professor Sarah O’Shea has spent over twenty-five years working to effect change within the higher education (HE) sector through research that focuses on the access and participation of students from identified equity groups. Her institutional and nationally funded research studies advance understanding of how under-represented student cohorts enact success within university, navigate transition into this environment, manage competing identities and negotiate aspirations for self and others. This NCSEHE Equity Fellowship is adopting a mixed method approach to deeply consider university-graduate outcomes for students from equity backgrounds, with particular reference to those who are the first in their families to attend university.


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