How to use the Developing EmployABILITY resources

EmployABILITY thinking is developed and sustained within existing classes and curricula using a 6-step process. Developed by educators, for educators, the tool and resources can be uploaded to a learning management system (LMS) or downloaded for printing.

The tool and resources are free of charge to the higher education community.

Students begin by creating a personalised employability profile report using an online self-assessment tool. They can return to the student website to use the resources and create new profiles as often as they wish.

Integrate the profile tool and resources in multiple ways:

  1. Include the tool as a required reading;
  2. Integrate the resources into an assessment task: for example, as a guided reflection before and after a work placement;
  3. Integrate the resources into class activities: for example, to help students manage a team-based assignment;
  4. Use the educator guides to create a career-related workshop.

The resources and personalised employability profile report are grounded in social cognitive theory and underpinned by a validated measure. Resources are shared using a Creative Common license. Aggregated profiles can be created for whole cohorts, and educators are encouraged to collaborate in scholarship and research arising from the Initiative.

Follow the 6-step process to get started!

Resources may take a moment to load. Please be patient!

Resources may take a moment to load. Please be patient!

Why is there a music toolkit?

EmployABILITY lead researcher Dawn Bennett has a background in music and some of our employABILITY resources originated in music education! Dawn has since 2008 refined the music resources alongside our other work; hence, we now have a music toolkit. The book in which many of the originals were published is titled Life in the real world: How to make music graduates employable and is available as an e-book and in hard copy.

Resources may take a moment to load. Please be patient!

We are currently developing a STEM toolkit for educators! Coming soon in 2019.

If you would like more information about our STEM toolkit or you’d like to contribute to it, please get in touch at

Resources may take a moment to load. Please be patient!

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