self awareness

Career Story: The value of experience outside the curriculum

Degree: Double degree in Marketing and Management  Completion year: 2018  Years since graduation: 1  Career story themes: Getting to know your industry, learning from experience 

Career story: Soft skills matter

Degree: Master’s degree in International Business  Completion year: 2018  Years since graduation: 1  Career story themes: Build your CV through part-time and volunteer work, know your strengths, be strategic when applying for graduate roles 

Career story: Reflect on your achievements to create a positive outlook

Degree: Master of Business (Science and Technology)  Completion year: 2014  Years since graduation: 5  Career story themes: Create a plan, develop goals, get to know yourself, adopt a positive mindset 

How to deal with stress

The art of the interview

This is a practical resource that prompts learners to think about what recruiters and clients might want from an interview.

Design your future

This resource is designed to help students recognise the relevance of a unit (course) of study to their future lives and work. For this reason, it is a really useful inclusion in foundational, communication or careers units.

What changes in work can tell you about your future

In working through this resource, students will consider the changing nature of work and how this might impact their own careers. The activities focus on how work changes over time, the factors that influence change, and how they can best prepare.

What does it take to be great in music?

What does it take to be a great music graduate? This resource incorporates a brainstorming exercise, some research on ‘discipline role models’, and a self-assessment. It is even more effective if students have completed the ‘Finding your mission in music’ and ‘Plotting your preferences in music’ activities.

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