Finding other cultures at home

This resource draws on students’ multi-cultural study, work and community environments to prompt their thinking about what it might be like to live and work in a different culture. 

The art of the interview

This is a practical resource that prompts learners to think about what recruiters and clients might want from an interview.

Learn how to network

This student resource flips around networking to focus on the benefits for other people. It helps alleviate the embarrassment of networking.

How to build effective, professional networks (Part III)

If students have completed Part I and II of this series, they will have begun the process of identifying existing and potential professional networks. The following exercises are designed to help with the continued expansion and maintenance of this network.

How to build effective, professional networks (Part II)

This student resource is about maintaining a working network of professional contacts, and it follows on from Part I in this series. Engaging in network building has multiple benefits for students, in terms of future planning and the development of self-concept, so it is worthwhile investing some time in these activities.

Building positive relationships in life and work

People rarely work in isolation; rather, they operate as part of a team or multiple teams. Because of this, the success of any business or project depends to some extent on the teamwork of its people. If students want to develop their career opportunities, knowing how to work effectively in a team is essential. In this resource, students will learn more about the elements of teamwork and what they can do to develop their abilities. Other resources to compliment this one include ‘Plotting your preferences‘, and ‘Conceptualising careers‘.

Resource set: Building a career with creativity and resilience

This resource set draws on the career story of acclaimed author Liz Byrski. The tool illustrates that many successful career paths are far from linear. It includes a career visioning tool, a career story and a snapshot of the work of writing graduates.

How to build effective, professional networks (Part I)

This resource provides a guide for students to create effective, professional networks without leaving home.

Interview Preparation

This is a practical tool that prompts learners to think about what recruiters and clients might want from an interview.

Create an elevator pitch

The elevator pitch is a short statement that summarises what we do and how we might meet the needs of other people. This tool guides learners through the process of develop an initial pitch.

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