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Career story – Educational journey

Degree: Bachelor of Health Science Bachelor of Food and Nutrition (Honours) Master of Dietetics PhD. Thesis: Supporting diabetes management in young adults during life transitions using mHealth Completion year: 2018 Years since graduation: 2

Career story: Reflect on your achievements to create a positive outlook

Degree: Master of Business (Science and Technology)  Completion year: 2014  Years since graduation: 5  Career story themes: Create a plan, develop goals, get to know yourself, adopt a positive mindset 

Featured resource: Changing career

This week’s featured Developing EmployABILITY thinking resource, Changing Career,  is from our Career Story series. The story comes from a visual arts graduate who decided to work in another sector even before graduation. The account is a great resource for understanding uneasiness about future work and the transfer of discipline skills, knowledge and practices to new settings. We have also developed an educator guide on how to use career stories with students. If you have other career stories to share, please let us know! Changing career is most effective if students have first created a personalised employability profile as part of the 10-step Developing EmployABILITY process. There is no charge for any employABILITY resources and all members of the Developing EmployABILITY community hav...

Career story: Using opportunities to grow

This career story features a musician who has been part of the music industry for a long time working in many different contexts.

Career story: Networking and microcommunities

In this story, Australian paper clay expert Graham Hay talks about his unique career journey within the visual arts and his specialisation in paper clay. Graham shares his strategies for success as an artist. He highlights commitment of time and resources, active volunteering, getting involved, being proactive, persistence, the passion for his work and working and learning with others. Bringing these strategies to life helps students relate them to their own behaviours and learn how to incorporate them into their lives.

Career story: Breaking career barriers

This story features Louise Evans, a 3D felt caricature maker.

Career story: Being true to yourself

This story features an Australian contemporary artist who works primarily in video and performance. His career story is a great resource for guiding students in how to understand how to be open for change and be true to themselves in their  work.

Career story: Accomplishing your goals

This career story features an internationally renowned novelist who pursued her passion for writing stories that people would enjoy reading. The account is a great resource to develop students’ understanding of the importance of doing what they love, and finding ways to accomplish their goals.

Resource set: Creating strong networks and micro-communities

A locally, nationally and internationally renowned ceramic artist, Graham Hay’s incredible career has spanned over two decades. In this resource set, Graham provides advice for students about establishing an arts career.  It includes a career story, a networking resource and general advice about developing a career in the arts.

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