Developing EmployABILITY to design employability resource portal

We have been selected by Australian Technology Network to design an employability resource portal. This is one of six projects focused on work “integrated learning and graduate employability” that the ATN is funding. More information here.  

Is it worth learning this?

Our new resource tackles how to establish relevance with students. We also celebrate engineering education with a special engineering resource, the 1st of the toolkit for 2018. This resource is designed to help students recognise the relevance of a unit (course) of study to their future lives and work. For this reason, it is a really useful inclusion in non-technicist and foundation units. If you are a member of the Developing Employability community, you can access the resource here. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so for free here to access all of our resources and join in the conversation.   

Featured resource: What does it take to be great?

What does it take to be a great actor, geologist, academic, or chemist? This educator resource incorporates a 10-minute brainstorming exercise, some research on ‘discipline role models’, and a self-assessment/reflection. The brainstorming exercise is a 10-minute activity to use in class with students in groups. We have included an example of a self-assessment exercise for music students. You can adapt this for your discipline! The self-assessment enables students to apply what they have learned to their own planning and professional identities. If you are keen to have a few small activities across a semester, try linking this resource with ‘Finding Your Mission’ and ‘Plotting Your Preferences’. The latter can be used to help build effective teams and as a self-reflection for strengths and ...

New Career Story added to the Student Starter Kit!

This new career story features a musician who has been part of the music industry for a long time working in many different contexts. The account is a great resource for students understanding the importance of exploring different roles within the area they are passionate about. You can view the resource over at our student site here.

New resource set | creating strong networks and micro communities

EmployABILITY just published a new resource! This one is an educator resource set, which helps students to create strong networks and micro-communities. The resource set is based on the career story of WA-based paperclay expert Graham Hay.

Creating work with personal meaning

We are launching a new employABILITY resource featuring Australian contemporary artist Shaun Gladwell. Shaun’s career story is a great resource for students to understand how to be open to change and how to be true to themselves in their work. I plan to combine the new career story with a 10-minute activity called ‘Finding your Mission’ ( ). This is a great inclusion at the start of a compulsory unit as it helps students to understand the potential relevance of that unit to their future lives and careers. I will also align Shaun’s carer story with a terrific quiz that helps students to conceptualise their careers ( ‘Objective...

New cover letter resource is launched!

At last, the cover letter has been rethought. What do you think? Writing a cover letter

How do you motivate students to accomplish their goals?

How do you motivate students to accomplish their goals? New student Career Story resource now available for students. This career story features an internationally renowned novelist, Anna Jacobs, who told us how she created and now manages her career – from knowing what the market wants, to managing her time and doggedly pursuing her goals. Part of the growing suite of employABILITY career stories Access the resource here.  

ACEN webinar

ACEN Webinar 14 November 2017 11:00am-12:00pm (AEST) or 12 noon for AEDT Employability development involves the cognitive and social development of learners as individuals, professionals and social citizens. This webinar focuses on how to embed this development within existing curriculum, sharing research-enabled tools and resources that help scaffold employability learning including that gained within WIL experiences. Presenters:  Dawn Bennett, Distinguished Professor of Higher Education with Curtin University. Her research focuses on the development of employability and graduate work. Dawn is a National Senior Australian Learning and Teaching Fellow operationalising a metacognitive model for employability with faculty and students in Australia, the UK, Europe and the US. Dawn will be joi...

Whose responsibility is it to develop student employability?

No doubt we would argue that developing employability is everyone’s responsibility! To me, employability is metacognition: understanding why we think what we think. Last month, Dawn was lucky enough to give a lecture at the University of the Arts in Helsinki. If you’re interested in how we might approach employability and careers in the Arts without crushing students’ dreams, please take a look and add your thoughts and strategies on our LinkedIn forum. Show less

How employable do your students think they are?

This month, my focus has been students’ own beliefs about their strengths, capacities and employability. I have been using the online tool to prompt their thinking about this, and the results are fascinating. I am starting to see trends in the thinking of both first and final year students, but I need your help! Would you be prepared to engage your students? It takes them 15-20 minutes to create individualised employability profiles, which are research enabled and can be done as reading for a class. Colin Jevons recently saw the results with his international business students. Please let me know if you can help.

Career stories are a powerful tool

Career stories are a powerful tool. This one is in a resource set and is one of several in the site. If you have stories to share, please let us know! Resource Set | Building a Career with Creativity and Resilience

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