Liesl Cronje



Liesl Cronje


Cape Town


South Africa


Stellenbosch University


I am Liesl Cronje, employability coach, mentor and brand architect, inspired by people's uniqueness and development. I guide students, mould-breakers and start-up entrepreneurs towards discovering their Unique Selling Proposition (talents, skills, passion and story) the development of their personal brand, how to connect with the world out there and how to become employable. In short, I am a hope-giver. I am currently studying towards an MPhil degree in Higher Education with Stellenbosch University. I believe the way in which we teach and learn, taking into account employability and skills around this, is of utmost importance and I would like to make a difference in this regard.


Expertise Keywords

Employability, design thinking, coaching, practitioner, facilitator, personal branding, unique selling proposition, employability skills


Registered coach with COMENSA – SA Council for mentors and coaches, Strong Foundation Academy of Coaching – coach, facilitator and student advisor, Living Legends NGO – Facilitator and coach, SU Department of Business Management – diploma in marketing – facilitator on personal branding, MPhil Student Department of Education – Stellenbosch University

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