ABDC employABILITY project 2019

ABDC and employABILITY thinking: Working together to understand students’ thinking about their studies and their futures 

Colleagues, we invite you to join us in a 2019 ABDC-funded project. Our goal is to understand business students’ thinking about their employability and future careers, and to develop resources to support their development. 

 Through the project, we will deliver:

  • a national dataset of business students’ career thinking and confidence, 
  • Cohort-wide summaries of student responses for individual educators, 
  • a series of business-specific career stories and other resources, 
  • a sector brief in which the research findings are summarised, and 
  • developmental workshops for educators. 

We need your help! 

We hope that all ABDC members will engage students in an online employability tool through which students create a detailed, personalised profile. Completion takes 15-20 minutes and the profile report contains over 50 embedded resources. The profile tool is appropriate for all year levels, including graduate students. Ethical approvals are already in place, as are the strategies to enlist and engage students. 

 What we can provide to support your involvement: 

  • a link to the online tool for your LMS 
  • an introduction for students and tutors 
  • aggregated results for your cohort 
  • an invitation to research and write with us 
  • acknowledgement as part of the broader ABDC team 

To get started, register your cohort by filling out the form below. If your cohort is over 50 students, we can provide you with a personalised educator report. You can see a sample report here.

For more information on the process and how to get started, please see our recommended steps here.


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