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    • Sophie, thank you for joining the community. We are bringing everyone and everything from the old site as quickly as we can. In the meantime, please share your interests and let everyone know how we might collaborate. Dawn

      • Hi Dawn, thanks for your comment welcoming me. Excited to be a part of this community, and look forward to watching projects develop. I am interested in career development and employability of higher education students, particularly exploring the I.T. student experience. I have been exploring students’ career aspirations recently, looking to better understand their perceptions and barriers towards thier career. I am presenting this work at the upcoming HERDSA conference, possibly see you there? In addition to career development, I am extending my research to investigate how to better support work-placement/internship as a part of employability. On these projects, I work closely with Associate Professor Jo Coldwell-Neilson at Deakin University.

        • Hi Sophie, I would love to know what you and Jo are planning/doing. I have just an overview of ICT graduate employment and some links – that’s all for ICT. I would love some career stories and links to papers, if you have them. Maybe we can meet at HERDSA. I’m co-chairing the expert stream in employability, so there all week! Dawn

          • That’s wonderful that you are chairing the employability expert stream at HERDSA, the exact group I am applying to participate in during the conference. Hopefully I get accepted as a part of my registration! Jo and I will both be at HERDSA, so would love to catch up with you. We currently have a paper soon to be published in the Australian Journal of Career Development, with previous HERDSA work available here: .

            • That’s great – it should be a really useful discussion. Sophie, the article you linked to looks to be open access. If it is, can I include a link to it on the ICT resource? Do you have any other teaching resources or tools we might be able to work up for inclusion? AJCD is a lovely journal and hopefully will get you some good coverage. Do send me a link to the article once it’s out. Can I ask you to share a link to this site with colleagues who might be interested? New tools should be up within the week, so I a about to go into recruitment mode. You might also like the current expert forum, which gives us all access to an expert on sustaining curricular change. Dawn

              • Thanks, Dawn. I would be more than happy for you to link our HERDSA paper as an ICT resource on this site. Thank you for the opportunity. I certainly think my colleagues and I have teaching resources and tools we can work up for inclusion on this site, particularly in regards to our course level approach to CDL to support WIL and building employability for IT students. I’ll keep in touch. I will also ensure to share this community with my like-minded colleagues. Look forward to being a part, and I will check out the expert forum.

                • Thanks Sophie. I put the ICT tool into the industry snapshots section. Let’s hope it gets some interest!

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